What's Included

  • Walk through of safety considerations for each room in your home

  • Additional information for each room on how to create felt safety and provide trauma-informed care

  • Room by room, easy to print check list included

Is this course for me?

  • Hopeful Foster Parents

    Considering fostering but not sure if your home is set up in a way that will allow for fostering? This course will show you what you'll need to do to ensure safety, as well as have the appropriate set up to be a foster parent.

  • New Foster Parents

    Getting licensed or newly licensed? This course is for you. Learn about ways to enhance safety and security, as well as find ways to connect and provide felt safety throughout your home.

  • Child Welfare Professionals

    This course is a great tool for child welfare professionals who want to find new ways to improve their foster family's in-home experiences.

  • First-Time Parents

    When I started out, I was worried about being a first-time mom. This course is what I wish I could have taken when I first started. I'm sharing the smaller parenting moments to help with connection and care.


  • What if I live in a different county / state than you and have different requirements?

    It is true! You will have different licensing requirements. This course shows you additional ways to ensure safety that go beyond the minimum. I found that I had to modify a lot more in my home than what was required by my agency. I include tips that I wish were shared with me from the beginning.

  • Can I gift the course to a friend who is thinking about fostering?

    Yes! There isn't a formal way to gift a course through this portal, so you will need to sign up for them.

  • What if my house is different than yours?

    It likely will be! :) I walk through general things to consider to ensure safety and also build connection in the home that can be applied to a variety of spaces and configurations.